TRENDING | Hard to handle

Coinciding with the return of the cape, this is the rise of the classic icons. And handle bags are back in town for good. Once described as "a true woman's work bag", it seems that top designers and brands have created new styles for 2014 FW collections. In addition to this, and as pictured below by Tommy Ton - my favorite fashion photographer by far, it-girls and celebs have already picked their treasured models to evoke sophisticated and ladylike styles.

Pst. Scroll down for my top handle bags selection.

Here's my selection. Which one is your favorite? Mine's #3.

1. Take me away from Charlotte Olympia here
2. City bag from Zara here
3. La Fleur du Mal from M2Malletier here
4. 2jours from Fendi here
5. Saffiano-effect bag from Mango here
6. Shopping bask from Chanel here


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  2. Lovely photos! I think #6 would be my fav

    Made in Mauve

  3. i'm in love with this! great post x

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  4. Absolutely amazing pics!!! The first one, soooo cute the little bags!

    xxx Linsey from

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  5. My fave bag is number 4!

    xo T.

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  7. Love this!
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  8. These mini bags look so amazing. Number 2 is my favorite. Can't believe it's from Zara :D



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