AD | Alexander Wang Denim

No one can deny that this is a very strong jeans campaign, but this is the perfect way to be the one everybody's talking about! People tag this campaign as controversial, but how many times has it been done before? Calvin Klein, Sisley... Anyway, my thoughts on this are very simple: and the jeans? How do they actually look like? It would be much better if the ad would have kept that "controversy" but by making a correct product placement.
The set and colors are perfect, though. It goes without saying that the logo placement's damn good!


4 comentarios:

  1. This is quite the saucy ad campaign

  2. I think the same as you. I don't have any problem with the naked girl, in fact, thats the beauty of art, isn't it? But if they are promoting the jeans, I would like to get to see them better

  3. i love this post, i don't have any problem with naked girl but in this case i don't see the fitting of the denim!
    bye darling see u soon...besos

  4. Just like the other said, one looks more at the naked girl, and without the word "denim", I wouldn't even have noticed!
    Love from France <3


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