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So, you already may know... Earcuffs are left behind and 2015 will be the year of mono earrings! As seen on the runways and the red carpet (see Emma Watson), wearing a solo earring's the ultimate beauty trend. LV's "essential V earring’ was the very first to show that less is more and asymmetry's back for good. Join the trend and discover why wearing one statement earring's cooler than wearing two and be the most fashionable this Christmas holidays.

Here's my selection of mono earrings. Choose your favorite and let me know ☺ My personal favorite's #8.

1. From Sophie Bille Brahe, here
2. From Louis Vuitton
3. From Delfina Delettrez
4. From Topshop, here
5. From Betty Carre, here
6. From Delfina Delettrez
7. From Anita Ko, here
8. From Asos
9. From Asos
10. From Erickson Beamon, here


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  1. Number 4 is my favourite. I don't know if I dare to wear one earring only, but who knows. If enough people wear it, then I will follow. I am a sheep.. :)

  2. So nice :)

  3. I love #2 :)



  4. love your picks!

    from helen at


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