ADS| Dolce&Gabbana SS15

I couldn't tell what I am more excited for about this Dolce&Gabbana SS15 campaign; wether it's because of its beauty, its mediterranean inspirations or because Blanca Padilla and Jose María Manzanares are in it... As some may know, and if you didn't know now you know, I'm a huge fan of the Dolce&Gabbana ads! The story behind it is very consistent and simply beautiful. This time, the brand has added a very strong Spanish influence to their usual Italian traditions. As a Spanish, I'm very proud of all the cultural references portrayed in the pictures and the fashion film (below). Please, please, please, just click the watch button and enjoy!☺

Tha campaign has been photographed by Domenico Dolce and art directed by Stefano Gabbana. What a pair!


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  1. wow! this is really amazing

  2. Me encanta... Siempre son buenos, pero esta vez se han superado! Sabor Español, no hay nada mejor :)


  3. Awesome editorial!!!!

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